Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I did it. I started a bridal registry. I went to the gym on Saturday, and feeling all energized, went to Bed Bath and Beyond (heretofore referred to as B3 because the name is so effing long). I didn't take Sco with me because he was working very hard all weekend. Everyone seemed very excited when I said I wanted to start a bridal registry (I talked to about 4 people while waiting a couple minutes for the "specialist" to come to the front.) "Oh, fun stuff!" was said a couple of times. Yeah, well, it wasn't that fun for me. The girl was very nice. She seemed nervous and even said that she gets nervous and to please bear with her. I think she was trained to give you the hard sell on all kinds of stuff like china and curtains and stuff, but luckily, I think she was too nice to push too hard. She really wanted to give me a tour of the store and take me through each section, scanning things along the way. I think I was too nice to push too hard to make it go faster. I wasn't prepared to pick out china or sheets or towels or even a toaster. Plus, Sco and I are both over 30 - we don't need that much stuff. I just beeped a couple of things, but it took 2 hours. I now have 20 items on my registry. I hadn't eaten, I was tired and this was how I was spending my Saturday night. Beeping things in my sweaty gym clothes. I called Sco on the way home and said, "Well. It's done. I went through the torture so you that you don't have to because I love you." Now, we can hopefully just go in, grab a scanner and scan without an escort. Or better yet, do it online from home.

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