Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello, everyone! Because there are so many people with whom to share so many photos, ideas, stories, etc., I've decided to start a blog for the Squidley-Sco wedding. This will likely evolve into a blog about babies, houses, etc. when we get to those things. I'll be chronicling our wedding planning and asking you all to participate in the process along the way. It will probably be largely about dresses and venues initially, because those are the most fun. I don't like to start with the hard stuff or the important stuff. I start with the fun stuff. I'll put off the hard stuff as long as I can.

I'll post our engagement story soon. It's pretty awesome, and I don't want to get tired of telling it, so I might just point people to the blog once it's up. For now, know that we are engaged and happy!