Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And they're off!

Invitations! Invitations! They're mailed!! Well, some of them. On the day that they arrived, I showed them to Sco and he suddenly remembered that he wanted to invite 7 or 8 more people. I had not ordered many extra invitations, so I kind of flipped out and said that those people were getting black and white photocopies of our invitations. Actually, I think we'll be ok, but some people may actually get color photocopies... Sorry. These, of course, will be sent to the people who don't really care about that kind of stuff.

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The invitations really came out beautifully. And no RSVP card! Ha! Convention be damned! Responses can be sent via email, phone call, or through our wedding website. It saves paper, postage, energy, and my sanity. Very eco-friendly and Squid-friendly. Of course, there are some people on the guest list, particularly the ones nearing 100 years old who might not be that into RSVPing on the WWW. I'm going to whip up a special response card just for them. And there are still some people I need addresses for! I'm such a slacker.

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There's also an accommodation insert with a map of the wedding site on the other side. That's the whole thing. Simple. :)

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