Monday, May 11, 2009

Green wedding, green shoes!

I have green shoes! No, not eco-friendly, although I am trying to do that for most of the wedding, but actually green in color.

Image courtesy another bride with good taste

My mom and I found them in Nordstrom. I LOVE them. Mommy picked them out. Thanks, Mommy!

Now, I just have to learn to walk in them. I have 7 weeks. Plenty of time to overcome 30 years of walking in converse and flip flops, right?

I've started the process gradually. For a few weeks, I wore 2 inch heels 2 days a week to work. Last week, I wore the 2 inch heels one day and 3.5 inch heels on another day. I actually did quite well.

My darling friend Linda, who lives in heels, gave me an invaluable piece of advice last Christmas. I was wearing a pair of 4 inch heels and dying (but they're so pretty! They're the silver ones!). She told me to rock my weight back into my heels and let my heels take the brunt rather than the ball of my foot. Why had no one told me that in all my life before? It totally works!

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Abbie said...

Love the shoes! I've looked for some just like those, but I couldn't find the green color.

Another tip... foot petals! They work wonders. I have them in the balls of all of my heels.