Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stuff I Suck At

So, here's a list of things I haven't done yet. Most are things I've at least started. Please shame me into getting these things done.

1. Catering
2. Photographer
3. Map for invitations (my fabulous niece is being held up by my procrastination)
4. Finding a rain location
5. Ordering tables, chairs, etc.
6. Flowers
7. Favors and gifts
8. Decorations
9. Wedding rings
And much, much more!

I'm considering using a caterer I use for work all the time for my wedding. He has the best cookies, and I asked him to throw in a few extra for "tasting" with my last order from him for a recent work event. A delivery guy brought in the food for my event. He handed me the extra cookies I'd asked for and asked why I'd gotten the extra cookies. I explained that I was considering his company for my wedding. He said, "Oh! You're getting married? When's the wedding?" I replied, "June." He got this wide-eyed look and said, "Wow. Your wedding's in June and you don't have a caterer yet?!"

"Yeah, I know. I suck."

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Janice said...

Why not get tents in case it rains. That way you do not have to change locations.
I love the idea of the bridesmaids choosing their own dresses but maybe have shoes and accessories similar. Shannon, I was the same way when planning my wedding. We kept it casual and simple and it all worked out in the end. You will get it together, I have faith in you.