Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses!!

So... This is the part I suck most at. I was going to say "this is the part I suck at" but then I realized, I kind of suck at a lot of this stuff. Bridesmaid dresses. In general, I hate bridesmaid dresses because they look like bridesmaid dresses. So... I told my six (yes, six) bridesmaids that they could pick their own dresses provided they stay in a given color range. This is quite a trend lately, and I like it. Then, no one is stuck in an unflattering dress that they'll never wear again. One of my bridesmaids already has one in her closet! I grabbed some paint samples from Home Depot to mail to the bridesmaids. Um, they're still on my desk. I haven't sent them yet. But I did just scan and email them! Here they are:

The green is not totally accurate, but close.

And here is my bridesmaid JS in her dress she has in her closet already.

And here are her sparkly shoes that are the right green.

We think we can dress it up with some jewelry or some other embellishment. What do you guys think?

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