Sunday, April 5, 2009

Registry Indecision

I keep logging on to our registries at Crate & Barrel and B3 - not to see if people have bought us presents, but to change things. I'm so indecisive. Do I want a cork cutting board or a bamboo one? Or one of these cutting mat thingies? We don't need much stuff, but the stuff we have registered for is replacing really crappy stuff. I don't want to be stuck with crappy stuff anymore, so I keep changing my mind.

SmartyPig is easy - no decisions required for us or our guests. It's where we've registered for our house fund. It's a public online savings account. Because we don't need much stuff - I mean, we are in our thirties and have a lot of stuff already - we're asking people to consider helping out with our house down payment. Which actually brings me back to the indecision thing - if we're going to be buying a house in the next couple of years, who knows what we'll need? I don't want to register for a bunch of pink towels to match our pink (yes, pink) bathroom in our apartment when we might move to a house with nice taupe walls. And do we really want that much stuff to have to move?

But I do really want knives that don't snap in half when cutting crunchy bread.

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Michael Ferrari said...


Congrats on your house fund! Keep up the great savings!

Michael Ferrari, SmartyPig co-founder