Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding dress ideas

Ok, so you might have heard that I'm considering making my own dress... I know, I don't really sew, and something about biases... blah, blah, blah... I've made loads of friggin' awesome Halloween costumes, some of which involved sewing and I have lots of helpers. My mom and JodyPrinceton have both made their own clothes. I'm going to play with it, while continuing to look for a ready-made dress to buy. If it seems like it's working, I might go with it. If it totally sux, I'll abandon the idea and buy a dress. Or maybe wear my friend Liz's. So, below are a few things for inspiration... (Images courtesy, Elie Saab,, Oscar de la Renta and Kitty Chen Couture)

Aaand, I still love this one..

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jodys info said...

You may know already which one I think is the nicest AND I think you will find the color the most complimentary for you! It's the fourth but sits to the right of number 3 so I'm not sure if they are one or two! Anyway it's traditional white and has your much desired "flower" them incorporated into the skirt - what more could you ask for?
By the way I got you a floral holder for people that chose to make their own bouquet, 40 pre-cut round, white bird seed or rice "sacs" and 8 little bridesmaid gift satchels - so those a few things you can take off your list! ~ jody