Friday, July 18, 2008

Midsummer Night's Dream

So, I've talked about this theme with my sister Candis and my mom and more recently with Mary. I have a vision... A Midsummer Night's Dream. No, I don't want any donkey heads or actual fairies, but twinkly lights and lush greens and ethereal dresses are all included in my vision for this wedding. Another great inspiration is Tord Boontje. I love most of his stuff. So, think flowers and tree branches.

This image from the 1999 film A Midsummer Night's Dream by Fox Searchlight Pictures

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debbie said...

Hi Shannon, first of all I like the midsummers night dream theme, especially since Scott so strongly resembles Nick Bottom in the picture you have posted...(oops, love you Sco)

secondly, I couldn't reveal the location of the wedding since I don't know the location...... unless it is in #@$%&*@#$%&*, the place you told me you guys were thinking of.

I love the idea of the blog, it's nice to be able to hear about your plans and the process!! I mean you WILL be my new SISTER!!!! Awesome!!!

You'll fit in perfectly with our family, especially us girls, i really mean that..... I hope you consider that to be a good thing ; )

I love how you came up with your name, being part nerd myself (and excel fanatic), I appreciate the origin of "Squidley"

I look forward to reading all of your plans.

Love you Shannon, Debbie