Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trying on Dresses with the Fam

I dragged Mommy, Daddy and Sco back to Saks at Short Hills to try on dresses. Well, they didn't try on dresses. Daddy, in particular, might not be into that. I tried on dresses and they looked on and tried not to be bored. I was devastated that they did not have the Oscar de la Renta dress for me to show everyone. I know I'm not buying it, but still, I wanted to show them the dress. Also, I wanted to see if Mommy had any ideas about how to achieve a similar effect in a dress we could make. So, 4 Claire Pettibones, 1 Carolina Herrera, and 1 Vera Wang - purely an exercise in frivolity.

Something bothers me a bit about the Claire Pettibone dresses. I'm not sure what. The Carolina Herrera one I LOVE, but honestly, it is a departure from my other ideas. The Vera Wang prompted Oscar acceptance speeches and Old Hollywood comparisons. It's a pretty dress, but I'd have to change my whole concept of the wedding. I was having a very PMS, puffy-feeling day. Not really a good thing when trying on clinging satin. Whatever. A phrase came to mind that my French Canadian friend said when feeling similarly, "I ate my harms." This makes more sense when you consider her accent and tendency to pronounce h's where there are none and omit h's that are there.

So, later, I bought some silk flowers at Michael's and experimented with adorning a bustier.

It's a starting point anyway.

Me holding the flower carcasses from whence I wrenched the carnation heads.

A close up of my flowery bosom.

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