Monday, August 25, 2008

And this is why I don't want cake...

So, I stumbled upon this little gem today. I cannot believe some of these cakes! Check out

I was laughing out loud. Unless I'm hanging out with really funny friends, I don't do that often. You have to look at all of them. Especially the baby shower ones... and the foot ones. Why? And P Diddy's record label's anniversary cake! I can't get over it. So funny. And sad. But more funny. The commentary is really what makes it so hysterical to me. The August 8th post has the funniest commentary.

Honestly, I don't like cake that much. I hate icing. Cookies are to die for. Especially chocolate chip. I really want cookies instead of a wedding cake. And milk. I'd have an assortment of cookies, artfully arranged, but no cake. Plus, wedding cakes are SOOOOO over-priced. I want something different and something I will really like.

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