Thursday, June 4, 2009

My little ring

My ring is back! Yay! What? Oh, you didn't know it was gone? Pardon? Oh, you didn't know I even had one? Oh, yeah. I do. I mean, I was going to tell the whole engagement story and all about the seven rings, but... What? Um, yeah. Seven. I'll get to it eventually. It's a long story.

In the meantime, back to my ring's return. One of the little pearls fell out, so I had both pearls replaced (so they'd match... duh!). I just got it back today.

I put it inside the sample ring for Sco's ring. (That's another long story that I'll get to eventually.)

Look! Sco wears a 13. I wear... a 3.5. That's right. Three and a half. Babies have fingers that small.

It's one of the many reasons I'm making it do double duty - one ring for both engagement ring and wedding ring. Adding just about any kind of band you can imagine looks stupid on my freakishly small fingers.

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